Benjamin Campbell

These aren’t the droids you’re looking for...


I am a relatively young family man who enjoys programming in all its aspects. I live in Missoula, Montana and attend University.

I have been programming for over seven years. I started with web design and quickly found my way into back end applications. Since then I have explored a variety of different disciplines including systems programming, web applications, and data analytics. My interest in programming have extended beyond a hobby into a dedicated passion.

I am a firm believer of test driven development. I come from an engineering background and have developed the motto of, "If you can't measure it, you're not in control." Whether it is unit testing or algorithmic analysis, there is always mechanisms for control.

I am employed as a programmer for Spectral Fusion Designs. In addition I am enrolled in a split major at The University of Montana in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. I hope to make a career in data science either professionally or academically, which ever will have me.


I am from Montana, through and through. I was born here and have lived my entire life here. While I've counted on my mind for a living, I have also been instilled with a bit of rural ethic.

I was born in Havre, Montana and have moved through out the state. I spent a majority of my time in Cut Bank. That is where I made many friends, met my wife, and where my children were born. I have been blessed with two challenging boys and lost a little girl.

I have seen the continued production of fossil fuels and the accelerated growth of wind energy. As residents of Montana we are surrounded by the opportunity for industry while reminded our our inherent call for stewardship of the land. We are lucky to experience this remote section of the world.

I do my best to ensure my family and I are able to experience life in a rewarding and productive way. We enjoy education as well as physical pursuits. We are avid cyclists and enjoy nature through camping and hiking.